I am an assistant professor of Organizational Studies at the University of Michigan. I study organizations and the political economy of development, focusing on how the interactions between state bureaucracies (such as innovation agencies or regulators) and businesses and business organizations affect technology development and diffusion. My papers have appeared (or are forthcoming) in the American Journal of Sociology, Review of International Political Economy, Politics & Society, Studies in Comparative International Development, Business & Politics, and Regulation & Governance. Additionally, I am completing a book manuscript on the politics of innovation in low-tech industry in Mexico. It addresses the larger question of why some small firms in labor-intensive industries in the developing world have been able to adapt positively to globalized markets and why others have been forced to take the “low road” of cutting wages and health and labor protections in order to compete. I have also done policy work for the Government of Jalisco (Mexico) and the Inter-American Development Bank.

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